I believe in bringing style & grace to my photography & my goal is to create beautiful, vibrant, timeless, fine art images while being gracefully interactive. My approach is very journalistic with subtle direction when needed and I do my best to let your wedding day unfold naturally & organically with a modern twist.

I love to travel, such a special opportunity to have documented weddings all over the world including: NYC, SF, HI, BALI, ITALY, JAMAICA, SPAIN, PALM SPRINGS, MEXICO, the list grows every year.

I want you to feel as comfortable as possible & I would never ask you to be something you are not, to get amazing work we need to see the real you. My style applies to all of the above which creates extremely unique images that are as one of a kind as my couples.

Thank you for allowing me to do what I love.

"I crave music."

"I want to make movies someday."

"Black & white is my first choice."

"I love comic books."

"I am 6th generation Californian."

"I love the color green."

"My mom is an amazing artist."

"I am inspired."

"My Apple is my darkroom."

"I believe in the human spirt and its unlimited potential."

"I love planet earth."

"I grew up on a 1,000 acre ranch."

"I love pears."

"My dream, that my work helps change the world."

"I love natural light."

"I'm most drawn to a persons eyes."

"I meditate daily."